Business Development, Fractional Sales Manager, and Bringing ideas to market

FMA is a Business Development company and much more.

Specializing in new technology from young companies who are looking for design ins and early
adopters in Silicon Valley.

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About me

Thirty years of direct B2B sales in the technology sector.   Specializing in new technology from young companies who are looking for early adaptors in Silicon Valley.    Experience includes hardware, software, IP and much more.   We have an extensive track record of proven success due to our proven repeatable model.   The products we sell required approval from both the financial and technical executives.   Managed a sales team of 12-20 people. Responsible for creating compensation plans including individual quotas. Assured each sales representative was properly trained in the latest sales techniques.   Eight years ago I invented and brought to market a bike computer leveraging IoT technology. We built a SaaS based business model based on monthly data plan payments to access the telecom network. The device needs to communicate to the cloud and back to the app.  I managed a team of engineers to develop the GPS tracker based on IoT technology. We brought it to market and sold over 10,000 units. I was responsible for managing the procurement of the material and the entire manufacturing process. I also managed the sales and marketing of our ecommerce.  This experience increased my knowledge on how to take a company from original idea to production and revenue.

Kevin Fahrner