Case Study

Vitesse Semiconductor

In the 1990s Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) ASICs and ICs had a speed/power advantage over Bipolar/CMOS technologies. Vitesse Semiconductor operated their own GaAs wafer fab in Camarillo, allowing them to keep their operating costs down. In order to expand their business in Silicon Valley they hired FMA in the spring of 1994. Networking and Storage systems needed gigabit speeds on their backplanes and in their switch fabrics, and the GaAs technology offered a superior solution over (Bi)CMOS in backplane drivers, cross point switches, and gigabit ethernet and fiber channel serdes. FMA grew the Silicon Valley business from $0 to over $40 million in 5 years.


specialized in providing innovative optical transceivers and passive optical components that were crucial for enhancing the performance and reliability of fiber optic communications. We grew their revenue from $50,000 to $2,000,000 including designing into AT&T EPON systems marketed under the U-verse name.

Mars Antennas

An Israeli company with little or no presence in Silicon Valley hired us to promote their Enterprise Wi-Fi antennas. We grew their business to $2,000,000 with customers like Aruba Networks , Ruckus Networks, and Fortinet and many more.

Vyycore Technology

Vyycoe an Israeli company learned of FMA from another Israeli company, Runcom, who we helped with their WiMax chipset. Vyycore had a predistorter technology IP core to be embedded in a Wi-Fi chipset to increase the power amp performance. During our short year relationship, FMA introduced Vyycore to the executive staff of most of the companies in Silicon Valley who had an interest in Wi-Fi and power amplifiers. Vyycore received two offers for acquisition.

Tricor Technology

A manufacturer of memory modules including DDR5, DDR4, and DDR3 plus an extensive offering of Flash Drives including SSD, SATA and SD. FMA grew the local business to over $5 million per year.